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Poker is the ultimate mix of wits, skill and luck, and one of the most popular gambling games around the world. There’s no feeling quite like catching that one card you need to make a big hand, and live Casino Hold’em is your chance to do that with real cards, in real time from anywhere you want.

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Best Live Casinos With Casino Hold’em Poker

Since this is a variation on the most popular of the poker games, several live casinos offer it.

But for the list of the best online casinos that carry Casino Hold’em, check out our list of recommendations below. Our panel of experts has tested out each one on this list, and as you know only top quality casinos make the cut.

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Casino Hold’em Poker

Casino Hold’em Poker OnlineCasino Hold’em is live hold’em poker played online, in the comfort of your own home or wherever you happen to be!

Unlike poker as you know it, In this game, you play against the house instead of other players. So you can forget bluffing – you just need to make smart decisions and catch the right cards to win.

You’ve come to the right place to learn everything you need to know to play Casino Hold’em and hopefully beat the house!

Here’s what we are going to discuss:


    And a whole lot more! What are you waiting for!? Read on!

    What is Casino Hold’em Poker?

    So what is Casino Hold’em Poker?

    Casino Hold’em is a variation on the popular poker game Texas Hold’em. Instead of playing against other players you are playing together against the dealer (or house).

    In addition to your normal bet, you have the option of betting for an additional bonus in every hand. This bonus pays out if a pair of aces or higher is dealt out in the first five cards.

    And that’s not all! There is also an added jackpot prize in the form of the Progressive Jumbo 7 Jackpot. This optional bet pays out in full on a seven-card straight flush, with the prize amount growing each round it remains unclaimed. There are also lower fixed prizes for making smaller hands.

    Amazingly, these jackpot prizes payout even if you fold or lose in the hand. So if you want a chance to win a portion of the Jumbo 7 Jackpot prize be sure to place a chip on that bet!

    Casino Hold’em features a live dealer who handles and deals the cards on a physical table. All bets are made electronically and registered in this manner.

    You are in a casino space, so you get the true sounds and experience of a casino, but from behind a screen. While you might not be playing against other players, you are able to converse with them and the dealer through a chat forum.

    And like in a real casino, all winnings are credited to your account immediately.

    Casino Hold’em Video Gameplay


    The Rules of Casino Hold’em

    The goal of Casino Hold’em is to make a better five-card poker hand than the dealer. There is no bluffing, no complex psychological strategy to figure out. But that doesn’t mean this game is any less fun or intense than Texas Hold’em.

    Casino Holdem Step 1 Casino Holdem Step 2 Casino Holdem Step 3

    Each game begins with you placing a bet (an ante). The dealer will then deal out two cards, one face up for the players and one face down to themselves. Following that up with another card for the player and another facedown for themselves. Then comes the three community cards, followed up by the last two. The best five-card hand wins.

    The dealer must have at least a pair of fours to make a qualifying hand. If the dealer fails to qualify the bet is returned to you.

    Casino Holdem Step 4 Casino Holdem Step 5 Casino Holdem Step 6

    Call bets are paid out 1:1. Ante and bonus bets are paid out accordingly. If you end up with the same hand as the dealer, all bets are returned.

    Ante bets and Bonus bets are paid out as follows:

    Royal Flush


    (A,K,Q,J,10 same suit)

    100:1 100:1
    Straight Flush


    (5 cards in sequence, same suit)

    20:1 50:1
    Four of a Kind


    (4 cards same denomination)

    10:1 40:1
    Full House


    (3 cards one denomination, 2 cards of another denomination)

    3:1 30:1


    (5 cards of the same suit)

    2:1 20:1
    Straight or Weaker


    (5 cards in sequence any suit)

    Pair of Aces to Straight   7:1

    Casino Hold’em vs Other Types of Poker

    A big part of what sets Casino Hold’em apart from the other variations of poker is the added optional bonus bet, the added optional jackpot bet and the community cards.

    These added bonuses and progressive bets give the game an added element of excitement. You can opt out of betting on these, but you might miss out on some pretty large payouts.

    The theoretical RTP for live Casino Hold’em is 97.84%. With the theoretical RTP in the bonus bet is 93.74%.

    Bonuses and Casino Hold’em

    Best Bonuses and Casino Hold’emWhile Casino Hold’em has an optional bonus bet and progressive jackpot in-game, you should also take advantage of the bonuses offered by online casinos to get you to play.

    New memberships can come with additional bonus money given to you for opening an account. This money can be used at the live casino tables and who doesn’t want to bet with free money? Just be sure to read the fine print on how to claim your winnings.

    For a list of bonuses and how they work check out our live casino bonuses section.

    Welcome Bonus

    The most common type of welcome bonus out there involves the casino boosting the first deposit you make once you create an account with bonus cash. This type of welcome bonus is known as a deposit bonus, and it means you get to start off with  double (normally) your expected bankroll. To unlock a welcome bonus, you sometimes need a promo code which you can type in when you’re creating your account or afterwards in the cashier, but some bonuses don’t require any action on your part.

    The extra money is in the form of bonus cash, meaning it can be withdrawn right away. Instead, you need to gamble with it a certain number of times before it can be withdrawn. These conditions are known as the “turnover”m or “wagering requirements”.

    No Deposit Bonus

    No deposit bonuses are exactly what they sound like – a promotion you can take advantage of without needing to deposit any of your own money first. Instead, the casino offers players a small amount of bonus cash just for registering an account, meaning you can sign up and play for real money with zero personal financial risk.

    Since this is such an attractive offer, no deposit bonuses tend to have quite strict wagering requirements which means it’s not too easy to convert them into regular cash – but it’s certainly possible. No deposit bonuses are a godsend for those smaller stakes players who want to sign up to a casino and play without paying an arm and a leg. 

    Regular Promotions and Other Bonuses

    Casinos are constantly thinking up new interesting bonuses to encourage people to sign up and keep playing their games. Some are particularly beneficial to players who are interested in a specific game – like free spins on selected slots, or even enhanced odds on live casino hold’em payouts. 

    Others are great for everyone – cashback bonuses for example let players claim back some of the money they’ve lost over a period of time. Reload bonuses are just like welcome bonuses, but applied to future deposits. There are even loyalty programmes, which mean the more you play the more benefits you unlock. 

    Casino Hold’em on Mobile

    As more and more casinos go online, apps are fast becoming a big part of the online betting universe. These apps make it even easier to play online casino games on your mobile devices.

    Casino Hold’em is one of those games that can be played in the palm of your hand without losing any of the experience.

    Not every casino has an app (yet) so there is a list of ones that we recommend in our live casino apps section!

    Tips and Strategy

    Casino Hold’em is different from regular poker, so we asked our experts to put together their top tips for any new players out there.

    Top 5 Tips to Play Live Casino Hold’em

    • Casino Hold’em Tips and StrategyTake the time to learn the rules, especially since casino hold’em is different from other types of poker.
    • Remember that while they are fun, the bonus bets at casino hold’em actually have a lower RTP than the standard bets. 
    • Manage your bankroll carefully by deciding how much to bet in advance.
    • Start off with low limits and work up gradually.
    • Use the technology provided, like the hand history button, to help you understand the game and make better decisions.

    Bet With Your Bonus Cash

    If you are a new member at the online casino, use your bonus cash to bet!

    And if you really want to win big, use your bonus cash to bet on the bonus and Jumbo 7 Jackpot Side Bet. That way you’re not using your own money to make these additional side bets. Strict adherence to a mathematical strategy would suggest you not place these additional bets, but using free bonus money means you’re not using your own!

    Just be sure to read up on what you need to do to be able to withdraw your bonus winnings. Some online casinos also won’t let you use bonus cash to place side bets or buy into progressive jackpots, so it’s worth checking in advance.

    Keep Your Ante Low

    When you call you must stake a second bet worth two times your initial wager. These wagers can add up quickly so starting with a low initial bet will help you stay in the game longer.

    Don’t go overboard with betting on Casino Hold’em, especially if you’re new to the game.

    Know When to Hold’em, Know When to Fold’em

    If you follow optimal betting strategy for this game, you will call 82% of the time and fold 18% of the time. This strategy results in a house edge of 2.6%. So when do you decide to fold?

    As you play more you’ll get a better feel for the game and make smart folds. One helpful rule is to fold when you have low unpaired cards and fold when the board is has multiple suits, but your cards don’t match them.

    Real Money Poker vs Free Play Poker

    Live dealer poker, like all live dealer games, can rarely be played for free. Taking a seat at the table means you have to play for real money, and there are no demo versions. What you can do is open up a live table and just watch the action. In truth, all beginning players should do this with any live dealer game they’ve never played before. The games flow differently with a real dealer conducting the action, and watching the action is a solid way to get used to it.

    If you’re looking to play online poker for free, the best way is with traditional video poker. Most casinos and poker sites will let you play virtual poker against other real players, and it’s a great way to get to know the game. 

    Cash in with Casino Hold’em

    Casino Hold’em is perfect for the avid poker player and the newbie. It is a fast paced, exciting game with an added element of bonus payouts.

    As little as a two dollar additional bet could win you a portion of a large payday if you opt in for the Jumbo 7 Jackpot Side Bet. It is elements like these that make Casino Hold’em stand out from the other live poker games.

    And while you might miss bluffing your way to a bigger payout, you can still converse with other players and the dealer. The social element is not lost in Casino Hold’em.

    Be sure to have fun and play responsibly and check out our recommended list of live Casino Hold’em casinos!

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    Can I Play Casino Hold’em for Free?

    No. Casino hold’em is typically only available to play for real money. You can usually play classic virtual poker for free however.

    Is Live Casino Hold’em Safe to Play Online?

    Yes. Live casino hold’em is developed by Evolution Gaming and is independently monitored by eCogra testing labs, meaning it has a very high level of safety.

    Is there a live dealer? 

    Yes. The dealer is actually playing against you and dealing you cards in real time.

    Can you win the bonus bet if you don’t opt in? 

    No. You have to make the additional bonus bet for the round if you want to have the option of winning. No bonus bet means no bonus wins.

    What is the RTP for Casino Hold’em? 

    The theoretical RTP for live Casino Hold’em is 97.84%. The theoretical RTP for the bonus bet is 93.74%.

    Do you play against other players? 

    No. You play against the house (dealer).

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