Speed Baccarat

Baccarat is very popular in online casinos, and with Speed Baccarat, Evolution Gaming used that technology to make it even more efficient. This is the fast-paced alternative to the baccarat you know and love. Each game lasts approximately 27 seconds, versus the 48 seconds of standard baccarat. This allows for more bets, and more time for big wins. It’s fast and exciting while still maintaining the true atmosphere of online casino baccarat. If you’re ready to learn all you need to know about Speed Baccarat, you’ve come to the right place.

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What is Speed Baccarat?

Speed Baccarat is a sped-up variation of the popular card game played live online. Instead of cards being dealt out face down, they are dealt face up. Waiting time is kept to a minimum, and each round is only 27 seconds. It’s quick, exciting and waits for no one.

Live Speed Baccarat

Featuring a live dealer, in an Asian styled casino, speed baccarat cuts the betting time by a third. You have 10 seconds to place a bet versus the standard live 15 seconds.

The dealer keeps things moving, talking fast and giving results quickly. While the cards are dealt face-up, the scoring and betting system remains the same. And while speed baccarat might not allow you to converse with the dealer quite as much as in other casino games, there is still a chat option.

The Rules of Speed Baccarat

Two cards are dealt to the player and the bank, with the objective being to get the closest to 9 as possible. Scoring is as follows.

10, J, Q, K 0
A 1
9 9
8 8
7 7
6 6
5 5
4 4
3 3
2 2

Sometimes depending on the score of the first two cards, a third is dealt. With the addition of the third card, if the points add up to more than 9 the second digit of the total is used. For example, you are dealt a 2 and a 3, with the third card being a 7. This totals 12, so the score would be 2.

Live Speed Baccarat Step 1 Live Speed Baccarat Step 2 Live Speed Baccarat Step 3

You can place your bet on if you think the coup will result in a tie (payout is 8:1), or if the player or the banker will win. The payouts for these bets are 1:1. Though you should be aware that there is a commission paid out if you bet on the banker and that wins.

What to keep in mind for a baccarat hand: 

  • If the player or banker are dealt a score of 8 or 9 in their first two cards, known as a natural hand. They automatically win. A natural 9 will beat a natural 8.
  • If the player’s first two cards equal 0-5, a third card must be drawn.
  • If the player’s first two cards equal 6 or 7, a third card can’t be drawn.
  • The set of rules followed by the banker:
  • If the banker has a two card score of 0-2, a third card is automatically drawn.
  • Their two card score is 3, the banker draws a third card if the player drew a third card (unless it is an 8)
  • Two card score is 4, the banker draws a third card if the player drew a third card between 2-7
  • Two card score is 5, the banker draws a third card if the player drew a third card between 4-7
  • Two card score is 6, the banker draws a third card if the player drew a third card between 6-7
  • Two card score is between 7 and 9, the banker does not draw.

The banker will be forced to draw according to the above rules.  Even if standing on their two-card score would allow them to win.

There is also the opportunity to place bonus side bets in speed baccarat.

Some casinos do not offer every side bet but they could include: 

Player Pair 



first two cards are pairs

Banker Pair 



first two cards are pairs

Perfect Pair 



If two identical cards (in terms of value and suit) are dealt as the first two cards to either the player or the banker

If two identical cards (in terms of value and suit) are dealt as the first two cards to both the banker and the player





Either Pair 



A single wager on the banker or player having a pair


The dealer uses an 8 deck manual dealing shoe. And players can keep up with the game through live betting statistics and interactive roads on the lower half of the screen.

With all bets electronically registered and placed, you can expect your winnings credited to your account immediately.

Speed Baccarat vs Other Types of Baccarat

Obviously what sets this casino game apart from the other variations of baccarat is the speed element. It’s fast and furious in this incarnation, and requires close concentration – but means the opportunity to play much more per minute.

Speed Baccarat is perfectly tailored to someone who wants to get in as much play time as possible, and who loves the feeling of zoning into the game and making smart, snap decisions.

It’s also great for when you want to play but have limited time – maybe a 15 minute break from work or a train ride.

The RTP for speed baccarat is 98.94%.

Speed Baccarat Bonuses

Online casinos are happy to offer up incentives for new players, like free games at selected live tables and deposit bonuses. These bonuses can be used for casino games like speed baccarat.

There are also loyalty programs, which let players earn points for playing regularly which can be cashed in for prizes and bonus cash. It’s always worth reading the fine print on how to redeem these offers, but there are plenty of ways to find a little extra promotion for playing Speed Baccarat.

For a full list of bonuses and their inner workings be sure to check out our casino bonuses section.

Welcome Bonus

The most important bonus, no matter what type of player you are, is the welcome bonus. Welcome bonuses are how casinos attract new players, so they need to make them really eye-catching and valuable. Generally, these bonuses involve the casino matching all or part of your first deposit up to a certain limit. It means that the more you deposit when you set up your account, the more funds you have to work with in the casino.

The money that the casino donates to your bankroll isn’t quite the same as regular cash. Instead, it’s “bonus cash” which is essentially money you can use to gamble with but can’t immediately withdraw. In order to unlock it, you need to gamble bonus cash a certain number of times. These conditions are known as wagering requirements, and they make a big difference to the overall value of all casino bonuses. 

No Deposit Bonus

An alternative welcome bonus is the no deposit bonus. Just like it sounds, in this case you don’t even need to deposit any of your own money. Instead, the casino will credit your brand new account with a small amount of bonus cash, just for registering with the site. The sum is generally quite small – maybe $20 – but it’s totally free and you can use it to play for real money.

If you get lucky and go on a winning streak with your no deposit bonus you can eventually withdraw it as normal cash, although the wagering requirements tend to be comparatively difficult to fulfill. You may need to use a promo code or a bonus code to unlock a no deposit bonus, which is like a password you can type in to trigger a bonus. 

Regular Promotions and Other Bonuses

The very best online casinos understand that devoting all their promotions to new users has diminishing returns. It may mean attracting a lot of players up front, but the best way to keep them engaged and interesting in betting regularly is with on-running bonuses. 

There are all kinds of regular promotions that casinos offer to players. Weekly or monthly reload bonuses – which are like welcome bonuses but on later deposits – are a popular way to encourage people to keep depositing funds. VIP reward programmes are popular too, where players earn points or rewards for gambling regularly. The more you play, the most bonuses you are eligible for. There are also free spins on slots, or free turns on other selected games.

Speed Baccarat on Mobile

Since Speed Baccarat is especially suited to fast sessions like on your commute, having reliable and effective mobile software is even more important. Fortunately, Evolution Gaming have got us covered.

There is no quality or experience lost on your mobile device while playing Speed Baccarat. You are able to have just as much fun and make as many bets in the palm of your hand.

While not every casino has an app, we do have a list of ones we recommend right here in our casino apps section!

Tips and Strategy

Even though Speed Baccarat works in exactly the same way as regular baccarat, the less time you have to think does take a little getting used to. We can’t guarantee you any wins, but we can guarantee you’ll play smart with these tips and strategies!

Speed Baccarat Strategy

Top 5 Tips to Play Speed Baccarat

  • This game is FAST, so pay attention at all times.
  • If you’re new to baccarat, start off with the regular version before working your up to Speed Baccarat.
  • Play responsibly at all times, including by managing your spending and bankroll carefully.
  • Use familiar, reliable technology and also ensure your internet connection is reliable.
  • Listen to the dealer. With Speed Baccarat they guide the table through the game.

See What’s Being Wagered Where

With Speed Baccarat you can see where other players are making their wagers, and you can use these stats to help decide how and where you want to bet your money.

On the board, you can see how much is being wagered on player, banker, tie and bonus pair bets. Monetary value and overall percentage are at your disposal, so take advantage of the info to help you make quick decisions.

Use The Scorecards

At the bottom of the screen in Evolution speed baccarat, you will see the scorecards. Five different grids, the roads, can help you look for trends in how the cards are being played.

The bead road keeps count of the wins while the big road marks the results. The big road will help you track winning runs that might be occurring during play. Embrace this technology – it makes your life easier.

You Need to be Focused

Speed baccarat like life moves pretty fast. If you blink you might miss your time to bet. Pay attention to the dealer, who while talking fast, will guide you through the motions, from when bets are open, to when they are closed.

If you feel like you’re losing focus or having trouble keeping up, just take a break or even move to regular baccarat.

In the 27 seconds, it takes for each round, the dealer will keep you up to date. Pay attention and you won’t miss winning big.

Real Money Baccarat vs Free Play Baccarat

Unfortunately, online dealer baccarat is very rarely available to play for free. The same is true for live dealer games – normally if you’re sitting down at a (virtual) table with a real dealer, you’re playing for real. You can however always open up a table and watch some other players in action to get a feel for online baccarat.

If you want to play baccarat for free, you can normally do so in the classic, computer-generated version of the game. Playing for free is highly recommendable when you’re learning the game, since there is a lot to get used to and experimenting with no financial risk is a great way to get better. 

Free casino games are nice to have, but at the end of the day we love gambling for the wins – which you can only get when it’s your own money in play.

What Are You Waiting For?

Speed Baccarat is the game for the high roller and casual players alike who want to experience baccarat with none of the lag. Large payouts are at your fingertips if you are fast, lucky, and willing to take a chance.

The addition of side bets can also have you raking in big bucks. And while the odds for those are slim, in an 8 card deck, anything can happen.

So sit down, keep up and play responsibly and you too could walk away from a winner. Check out our list of recommended sites for where you can play Speed Baccarat today!

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Can I Play Speed Baccarat for Free?

No, normally Speed Baccarat can only be played for real money. You can play classic virtual baccarat for free.

Is Live Speed Baccarat Safe to Play Online?

Yes. Speed Baccarat is developed by Evolution Gaming, one of the top live dealer providers in the world. All of the games from Evolution Gaming are audited by eCogra testing labs, an independent organization designed to ensure fairness at online casinos.

Is speed baccarat actually played  live?  

Yes. The dealer is using real cards at a real baccarat table, and the game is played in real time.

Can you chat with the dealer and other players? 

Yes. While the game is fast paced there is a social element to it. But the dealers won’t be as chatty as they are in other baccarat games.

What is the RTP for speed baccarat? 

The RTP for speed baccarat is 98.94%

Can you take longer than 10 seconds to bet? 

Unfortunately not. Speed baccarat is fast paced and has a decreased betting time.

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